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Understanding Diet Changes for Patients With Braces

Last updated 2 years ago

Braces produce long-lasting results that can boost your self-confidence and open up a variety of personal and professional opportunities. However, if you fail to properly care for your braces, you could risk interfering with the orthodontic treatment, which could increase the amount of time you will have to wear your braces. Follow these food-related guidelines while wearing your braces to get the attractive smile you desire:

  • Avoid Hard Foods

Your braces are attached to your teeth by a thin layer of dental adhesive. This glue is made to withstand some pressure from food, but it can’t hold up to constant chewing of hard foods. Consequently, you should avoid items like ciabatta bread, corn chips, pretzels, corn on the cob, ice cubs, nuts, hard cookies, popcorn kernels, raw carrots, and other foods that require high-pressure chomping.

  • Abstain from Chewy Snacks

Sticky foods such as bubble gum, taffy, beef jerky, gummy bears, and caramel can bend the wires of your braces, dislodge brackets, and loosen your bands. Plus, these foods can get stuck around your braces, forcing you to discreetly dislodge the leftover pieces from your brackets. Avoid these foods to reduce the hassle of wearing braces and to protect the orthodontic technology.

  • Shun Sugary Items 

Your orthodontist will recommend that you stay clear of sweet foods for a variety of reasons. Sugary snacks such as caramel, fruit roll-ups, and candy will stick to your braces and put pressure on the brackets. They can also get lodged beneath the arch wire and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why it’s important to avoid sugary foods whenever possible, brush multiple times a day, have regular teeth cleanings, and floss between your brackets and wires regularly, especially after consuming sugary items.

If you’re ready for a better-looking and healthier smile, call OrthoExpress today at (951) 263-7662. We use revolutionary orthodontic techniques and cutting-edge dental technology to provide high-quality orthodontic care.


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